Automating jobs with cron

cron is probably one of the most useful services in the UNIX world. It is a time-based scheduling service that executes commands at a set interval.

Most flavours of Linux should have cron bundled. Unfortunately, not every distribution has the same method of configuration. The following example is based on CentOS 5, a popular enterprise web server distribution based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The configuration file for cron is stored in /etc/crontab. This file stores a list of commands to execute at a certain time interval you set.

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Migrating a multilingual WordPress database

Migrating UTF-8 encoded WordPress database can be a real headache using conventional methods where characters appear garbled. Here’s a quick and dirty solution that though crude, it just works:

(This article applies to UNIX-like systems running MySQL > v4.1 only!)

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Election Time in Malaysia…a cloud of uncertainty and unrest¬†looms over…¬†

Anticipating severe load, created mirror sites to provide live election results. But at around 3pm British Time,, one of the most popular sources of independent news in Malaysia went offline.

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