RRDtool v. 1.4.4 Win32 Binaries

Aside from being a superb MRTG and smokeping backend, rrdtools is a surprisingly good database and graphing tool for scientific an technical applications, which in my case, it’s for storing and charting pilot scale reactors process variables.

We all know that the Win32 binaries for RRDtool on its website is rarely updated, if at all, with the most recent Win32 binary version being 1.2.30 while the latest RRDtool is already 1.4.4.

If you don’t want the hassle of compiling it from scratch, here’s the working binary of RRDtool 1.4.4 compiled using Visual C++ 2010. All dependent libraries are included, save for not so GPL friendly Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable, which you can download from Microsoft.com

Slightly modified sources to make things work: RRDtool-v.1.4.4-src.rar
Win32 binaries compiled against msvcr100.dll: RRDtool v. 1.4.4-bin.zip

* Issues
– The rrd_flushcached function in the Perl module RRDs.pm does NOT work. You won’t need this to run MRTG etc anyway!

Maplin N56FU Digital Multimeter

I recently purchased a digital multimeter from Maplin which was on sales at that time: Precision Gold N56FU. Being a full sized autoranging multimeter with computer interface, this meter £44.99 seems to worth every penny. Of course, Maplin didn’t make this meter. Some Chinese dudes did. Maplin just rebranded the meter because E-SUN sounded too lame =P

No purchase is complete until it is disassembled!

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